Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Whitstable Harbour Village not Tesco

There was a story in the local KM last week about a couple complaining that staff had been rude to them in Tesco. Well what did they expect?

Tesco recently announced worldwide profit of £3.4 billion for 2010. They are not going to be that worried about a little whinging from one local couple.

At least the couple in question, Michael and Jacqui Johnson, have the option of shopping elsewhere in Whitstable. In many towns and cities across the UK they would not have that privilage. Tesco is fast becoming the only game in town.

Once the local independent shops have been driven out Tesco can be as rude as they like because you won't have a choice any more.

Tesco and the other mega-stores destroy independent retailers and the vibrant communities they support. They dominate supply chains to such an extent that they can dictate pricing to farmers and other suppliers.

Tesco probably have more impact on the local economy, local community and local landscape than any political party or government organsisation.

But no-one voted to live in Tesco land.

So, Michael and Jacqui, why not pop down to the Whitstable Harbour Village this week-end?

Enjoy some shopping with real people who live locally and are friendly by nature.

At least they wont be rude to you and you know what? Every little helps.